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Field Trial Results

Thursday • February 20, 2020
Brace 17
Dog Owner Handler
Erin's Full Throttle John and Susan Ivester Robert Henry
Lowrider Frank Dr. James Mills & Steve Lightle Allen Vincent
Erin's Full Throttle: Full Throttle had no bird work. He was picked up at 1:36. Lowrider Frank: Frank had his first find at :48 east of Wolf Crossing in the Agronomy Feed Patch and a second find at :54 on the north side of Tyler's Test. He was picked up at 1:46.
Brace 18
Dog Owner Handler
Dominators Rebel Squire Jim Hamilton & Field Norris Jamie Daniels
Stardust Chaz Bob & Sarina Craig, Scott Kermicle and John Sayre Steve Hurdle
Dominators Rebel Squire: Rebel Squire suffered an unproductive at :09 in Joe Woody bi-color and another unproductive at :45 in Turner bi-color. He was picked up after the second unproductive. No bird work. Stardust Chaz: Chaz was lost at Heartbreak Hill. Last seen at :08. Did not return to judgement. No bird work.
Day 4 Action PM 3 Whippoorwill Justified

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