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Field Trial Results

Thursday • February 11, 2016
Brace 7
Dog Owner Handler
Fireline Nelson Mills Mark McLean
Connor's EZ Button David & Lindsey O'Connor Steve Hurdle
Fireline was credited with a back at :32 but suffered an unproductive at 1:06 in the sunken roadbed just north of Locust Turn. He was picked up at 1:25. Connor's EZ Button had a covey find at :32 in Turner Long Neck and a back at :54 (birds not officially seen for Fireline). He suffered an unproductive at 1:10 in a thicket near Mary Scott Basin and was picked up at 1:43.
Brace 8
Dog Owner Handler
Cole Train Dr. Fred Corder Dr. Fred Corder
Whippoorwill Justified Ronnie Spears Larry Huffman
Cole Train had his first find at :17 in a food plot on the east end of Buster Graves just over the gravel drive. His second find was at :49 on the Agronomy Field north of Wolf Crossing. The tracker was called for at 1:33. Whippoorwill Justified's first find was at :13 in Buster Graves food plot just east of Jim Miller. His second find was at :32 north of George Kemp food plot, his next find was at :57 in the last Demonstration food plot next to Sam's Field. Another find at 1:51 in the Junk Pile food plot at Wolf Crossing was followed by a find at 2:05 in a food plot east of Caesar's Ditch field. Justified's sixth find was at 2:32 on top of the terraced field out of Fason bottom just east of A.T.'s. His seventh find came at 2:48 in the south most food plot in Morgan Swamp next to L.B. Big Oak Field. His final find came at 3:04 in the west end of Morgan South Clear Cut.
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