Ames Historical Society Archaeology Tour

Saturday, May 26, 2018, 9:00 - 1:30

For the past 11 years students and professors from Rhodes College and the University of Memphis have conducted an archaeological field school at the Ames Plantation.  This research is proving invaluable in our effort to better understand the history and prehistory of the Ames land base.

Current prehistoric research includes the investigation of a Native American ceremonial center complete with 1,000 year-old house sites and a mound complex as well as outlying Native American hamlets.  The historic component of the field school is addressing issues relating to cotton plantations and slavery.  This season we will be working on the 1840’s cotton plantation of Fanny Dickins, focusing on the houses of her slaves. 

Each year the membership of the Ames Plantation Historical Society is treated to a tour of the archaeological excavations.  The tour includes a visit to each of the sites under investigation where archaeologists will present a summary of the ongoing work.  The tour also includes a visit to the lab where artifacts recovered from the sites can be viewed.  Here you will learn how the artifacts can lead to a better understanding of our past as they are cleaned and identified.

Call (901)878-1067 to reserve a spot on the tour.

Historical Society “MEMBERS ONLY” event. It’s not too late to join.

This tour is for Ames Plantation Historical Society members only.  If you are not yet a member there is plenty of time to join.  More information about the Society and how you can become a member can be found HERE.   Simply follow the instructions to join the Historical Society and then register for the tour by contacting us at the link below.

The tour requires pre-registration. If you are not currently a member but are in the process of joining please RSVP for the tour HERE.  Please include the number in your party and contact information where you can be reached.

If you are already a Society member you may pre-register through the RSVP instructions which were included with your most recent newsletter, or state your intentions HERE.  

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