2017 National Champion; Lester's Sunny Hill Jo

Lester's Sunny Hill Jo is owned by David Thompson and Handled by Gary Lester.

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Lester's Sunny Hill Jo

By William Smith

Lester's Sunny Hill Jo bested the field of 43 aspirants to claim the 2017 National Championship.  Jo is a powerfully built muscular orange and mostly white four-year-old pointer male.  During his three hour bid for the championship he ran with speed power, and purpose.  He was seldom out of contact with his handler as he searched the likely places for his elusive quarry.  His efforts were rewarded with three finds in his first hour, one find and a back of his brace mate in the second hour, and three finds in the third hour.  He stood with head high with a poker straight tail on his seven finds with faultless manners that displayed his training.  He started strong and he was strong throughout his endeavor.  His performance, without question, earned him the title of National Champion.