Past National Champions

Year Dog's Name Handler's Name
1966 Safari John Rex Gates
1967 Satilla Virginia Lady Herman Smith
1968 Riggins White Knight Hoyle Eaton
1969 Red Water Rex Hoyle Eaton
1970 Johnny Crockett W. C. Kirk
1971 Wrapup Billy Morton
1972 The Texas Squire John Rex Gates
1973 Miller's Miss Knight Faye Throneberry
1974 Crossmatch Bud Daugherty
1975 Volcanic Express Marion Gordon
1976 Miller's White Cloud Hoyle Eaton
1977 Allure Billy Morton
1978 Rex's Cherokee Jake Hoyle Eaton
1979 Miss One Dot John Gardner
1980 Builder's Addition Bill Rayl
1981 Michael's Express Babe Andy Daugherty
1982 Heritage's Premonition Freddie Rayl
1983 El Sauz Doll Tommy Davis
1984 Native Tango Collier Smith
1985 Flatwood Hank Robin Gates
1986 Bluff City Mike Tommy Davis
1987 Whippoorwill's Rebel Tommy Davis
1988 Navajo Dude Mark W. Roper
1989 Whippoorwill's Rebel Tommy Davis
1990 Dunn's Fearless Bud Randy Patterson
1991 Quicksilver Pink Colvin Davis
1992 The Hitchhiker Randy Downs
1993 Quillen's Rising Star Chuck Quillen
1994 Brush Country Spectre Ed Husser
1995 Lipan Gary Pinalto
1996 Warhoot Rogue Billy Blackwell
1997 Miller's Silver Ending John Rex Gates (David Grubb, trainer)
1998 CedarOak Kate Tom Honecker
1999 Whippoorwill Wild Card Larry Huffman
2000 Marques Gold Rush Robert "Lefty" Henry
2001 Law's High Noon Rick Furney
2002 Miller's True Spirit Ferrel Miller
2003 Texas Trailrider Gary Pinalto
2004 Miller's On Line Rick Furney
2005 Cypress Gunpowder Andy Daugherty
2006 Shell Creek Coin Steve Hurdle
2007 Funseeker's Rebel Fred Dileo
2008 Whippoorwill Wild Agin Larry Huffman
2009 Lester's Snowatch Gary Lester
2010 In The Shadow Robin Gates
2011 Touch's Whiteout Ike Todd
2012 Connor's E Z Button Steve Hurdle
2013 Shadow Oak Bo Robin Gates
2014 Shadow Oak Bo Robin Gates
2015 Miller's Dialing In Gary Lester
2016 Whippoorwill Justified Larry Huffman
2017 Lester's Sunny Hill Jo Gary Lester
2018 Lester's Sunny Hill Jo Gary Lester
2019 Dunn's Tried N True Luke Eisenhart
Year Dog's Name Handler's Name