2021 National Champion; Coldwater Thunder

William Smith

An elusive and much-sought after aspiration was achieved when Coldwater Thunder was declared the victor of the most prestigious field trial in the world. This was the white, liver, and ticked pointer bitch’s fourth time to run for the crown. Although reduced in the number of entries, the competition was still of the highest level. A superior performance leaves no doubt in the minds of those who witnessed it that this performance has set the bar and it will be difficult to beat and that was the case after Thunder had completed her bid for the elusive title. It takes a lot of grit to grind it out for three hours over ground that is rocky, muddy, wet, and cold. She traversed the courses always subservient to her handler and always hunting, going to the likely places. She carded four finds—one in the first hour, two in the second hour, and one in the final hour. She was motionless on each occasion as her quarry took to the air and she stood for the shot.  She exhibited class and courage throughout her 3-hour quest. She ranged over the Plantation course seemingly with ease as her untiring gate ate up the country. Her performance ranks high on the list of previous winners and the announcement on the green steps of the Manor House made it official—Coldwater Thunder is the deserving 2021 National Champion.