Alexander McNeill Family Cemetery

Arriving in Fayette County from North Carolina in 1834, the McNeill family owned one of the largest cotton plantations in the area and played a key role in early Fayette County History. Alexander amassed a considerable land holding during the 1830's and 1840's, much of which is still in the McNeill family today.

Established in 1837, this cemetery served as the family burial plot of the McNeill family. Gravestones mark the burial sites of Alexander and five of his children. Soil depressions found in the cemetery suggest the presence of unmarked graves, however investigation of the site indicates that there are no undiscovered gravestones. An historic site marker, donated by descendant Haynes McNeill, was placed at the cemetery in 1996.

The cemetery is located on a remote forested ridge top overlooking the flood plain of Jones Creek approximately 250 yards northeast of the site thought to be the McNeill family residence. Designated state historic site number 40FY339 by the Tennessee Division of Archaeology the cemetery is located at U.T.M. coordinate E295213 N3888077 which is on the USGS Grand Junction, TN 7.5' quadrangle map.

Cemetery Index:

McNeill, Sarah E.

McNeill, Julia Ann

McNeill, Alexander

McNeill, Martha J.

McNeill, Malcom J.

McNeill, Sarah McK