Andrew's Chapel Cemetery

On May 29, 1847 Binberg Walton donated 1 1/4 acres of land to the Trustees of Andrew's Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church South (Fayette County Deed Book N, pg. 29). Church Trustees listed include William W. Williams, Elisha W. Harris, Enoch Stewart, David E. Putney, Robert Lock__, Jeremiah _. Cla_____, and Binberg Walton. According to Ms. Martha Turner Carter (an early 20th century resident of the area who is now deceased) the church was a one room log structure which also served as a school for area children. Ms. Carter also indicated that the church building was destroyed by fire sometime before 1900

The associated cemetery has survived and today represents one of the most important historic sites found at the Ames Plantation. Located in the cemetery are the grave sites of David Elis Putney and the Rev. William W. Williams. Both of these early Fayette County residents lived in close proximity to the cemetery and were buried there in 1847. Evidence in the form of rows of elongated soil depressions suggests the presence of at least twelve unmarked graves. The actual number of unmarked graves may exceed 50. The site, which has been enclosed by a split rail fence, is marked with an interpretative plaque detailing the site's history.

The cemetery is in a forested area 150 yards east of Buford Ellington Road approximately two miles south of the Ames Plantation Manor House. It is located at U.T.M. coordinate E298308 N3884375 which is on the USGS, Grand Junction TN 7.5' quadrangle map.

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