Angus Cattle

Hobart Ames began his Angus herd December 3, 1913. According to the American Angus Association, the Ames Plantation Angus herd is the 3rd oldest registered herd in the United States. Angus show cattle from Mr. Ames' herd won blue ribbons across the U.S. An oil painting of his 1917 Chicago International Livestock Expedition Grand Champion, Ames Plantation Beau, now hangs in the Ames Manor House, Grand Junction, Tennessee.

The Ames Plantation Angus herd today is owned by the Trustees of the Hobart Ames Foundation and is partially utilized in cooperation with The University of Tennessee AgResearch on various grazing research projects.  The herd includes leading bloodlines such as Leachman Hoss, Twin Valley Durabull, Rito 9M9, BAR EXT Traveler 205 and Ginger Hill Traveler 21 along with some proven Ames Plantation stock. Breeding age bulls and replacement females are available to the public. For more information contact us at 901-878-1067 or at