COVID-19 Adjustments to the 2021 National Championship

The running of the dogs will be held without COVID restrictions and in a normal fashion.  Spectators are welcome.

The drawing will take place on Saturday, February 6th at 7:00 p.m. and will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.  The drawing will be live streamed on the Ames Plantation Facebook page.  Those conducting and monitoring the drawing will include NFTCA Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Rick Carlisle, President, Charles F. Bryan, judges, Jadie Rayfield, Tom Shenker & Dr. Stan Wint, reporter, William Smith, Videographer, Brad Harter, photographer and web manager Jamie and Dee Evans and two handlers representing those handlers participating in this year’s National Championship.    

All social events associated with the National are cancelled.

Lunches at Bryan Hall will be takeout only and will consist of soup, sandwiches, chips & a drink for $9.00.  Temperature check and face mask will be required to enter.

The Rhea Clubhouse will be open for restroom access only.  Face mask required.

These measures are being taken to ensure a safe event for all involved