Deer Hunting Club

Ames Plantation is one the of premier deer hunting programs in Tennessee, indeed in the South.  The long term members consider Ames as not just another place to hunt, but “the place to hunt.”

Ames is recognized by wildlife biologists and Quality Deer Management (QDM) experts around the country as a program that has achieved outstanding results. This is largely because its goals are driven by biological data gathered directly from the deer herd. The membership has a chance to understand and achieve these goals not only because they see the results but with continuing education from some of the Nation’s leading experts in deer biology.  

If you are looking for a place to hunt, we encourage you to examine the program and see if it fits your style and expectations.

A Limited Membership of no more than 115 individuals will be accepted. A member can maintain membership with the payment of an annual fee. There is some turnover in the membership every year as people move away or develop other opportunities. A waiting list is maintained for those wanting to join the Club and by having your name included the chances of becoming a member are excellent.

Currently, applicants have an excellent chance of getting into the club with no wait. 

Ames will accept people having good reputation and high standards.

The yearly fee is $1,630. A holding fee of $100 is required until your application has been processed and accepted. The remainder of the fee must be paid by July 1. Any person interested in becoming a Member of the Ames Plantation Hunting Club, should send a letter requesting an application or contract to Mrs. Beth Hanna at the Ames address listed on the webpage or call: 901-878-1067

The Ames Hunting Program

The Ames Hunting Program is designed to accomplish three things: 1) achieve the goals of QDM, 2) preserve the tranquility and grandeur of the outdoor experience, and 3) place safety as the ultimate priority.