Elisha W. Harris Family Cemetery #2

Elisha W. Harris first settled in Hardeman County in 1826.  It was there that he buried his first wife, Ann Eliza in 1828. (See Elisha W. Harris Family Cemetery #1) Elisha sold his Hardeman County farm in 1832.  It is unclear where he resided immediately thereafter, but in 1837 he purchased a tract of land in Fayette County and took up residence there with his second wife Celestia A. Whittaker.  Elisha remained on this property until 1851.

This cemetery is the second family burial plot established by Elisha.  The single gravestone records the burials of Celestia A. (Whittaker) Harris and three of the couple’s children.  Information found in this cemetery raises several interesting questions.  Does the 1834 burial of Elisha’s children indicate that the family was living on the property at that time even though it was not purchased until 1837? Were the three children triplets?   What situation resulted in the death of all three children at three months of age?

The cemetery is located approximately 100 yards east of the Somerville LaGrange Highway in the edge of an agricultural field.  The cemetery has been designated state historic site number 40FY336 by the Tennessee Division of Archaeology.  It is located at U.T.M. coordinate E295743 N3884060 which is on the USGS Grand Junction, TN 7.5' quadrangle map.

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