Heritage Village

The Ames Plantation’s Heritage Village is home to a collection of restored structures representing the area’s architectural heritage from around 1820 until the early 20th century.  The Village includes a typical 19thcentury family farmstead.   Also found in the Heritage Village is the 1830’s Stencil House, a one-room schoolhouse from the early 1900’s, a replica brick kiln, and the “Cotton Interpretative Center" housed in a restored log cabin.

The Heritage Village serves as an educational facility where visitors can actually visualize the lifestyle of their ancestors as exhibited through its buildings and furnishings. As a destination for school field trips, students receive details of local history, as they learn about steps that everyone can take to help preserve our cultural heritage. The Heritage Village also makes a great venue for the annual Heritage Festival.

The Heritage Village is currently open for visits by appointment. If you would like to arrange a tour of the facility call (901) 878-1067 for details.