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One of the objectives of the Cultural Resource Program is to document the 19th century history of the Ames land base.  From this documentation will emerge a story of the land and its people.  This story is a part of our cultural heritage and it is one that is worth preserving and sharing.

In most instances the records are transcribed copies taken from the primary document source.  The transcription process of archival documents, hand written in script and sometimes in poor condition, can be challenging.  If we are unsure of a particular word or number we attempt the best possible interpretation.  When deemed appropriate alternative interpretations are included.  Care is taken to insure accuracy but we do not guarantee that our transcriptions are error free.  Source information, when known, is included.   Photos of original material are also provided when possible.    The archives search engine is based on the names of individuals found within each document.  A search can be directed to a specific document type, or if you prefer, the entire data set can be searched simultaneously.  Documents of interest can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer in PDF format. We hope that you enjoy searching through our historical and genealogical material.  Happy  hunting.