Rhodes Institute Research Papers

The Institute for Regional Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee is an undergraduate program dedicated to furthering academic research on Memphis and the Mid-South region.

The Rhodes Institute is an innovative program that capitalizes on the liberal arts tradition of the College, the research expertise of its faculty, and its location in one of America’s great cities. Over the course of the program, Institute fellows spend their first week together engaged in an intensive regional studies seminar; six weeks working on their own projects, interspersed with weekly group meetings and a final week presenting and discussing their research. At the completion of the program, all fellows submit research papers and reports on their work.

The Ames Plantation has had the honor of providing research material for a number of Institute students from Rhodes College.  Each research topic is related to either the social or material cultural of the region during the 19th century.  In most instances the research includes information relating to the 19th century history of the Ames land base.  The quality performance of these students has added greatly to our understanding of the lives and times of Ames’ 19th century residents.