Teacher's Conservation Workshop

The Ames portion of the Tennessee Teachers Conservation workshop was conducted July 11 –12. Teachers from the western end of the state attend the weeklong workshop to learn about forestry and wildlife. The Tennessee Forestry Association and the Lumberman’s Education Foundation have sponsored the event. It is also supported by a wide range of public and industrial personnel and is dedicated to teaching sound forestry and ecological science to teachers. They also have a great deal of fun during the week, visiting areas where they can rock hunt learning how to make paper and a host of other activities. From this week’s experience they can pick up an array of things that will be valuable application in their classrooms. Although a very similar workshop has been ongoing for a number of years in Mississippi, the original impetus for the Tennessee program was derived from the Woods Walk – Woods Talk program that was supported at Ames for about 20 years. Getting the program organized is largely credited to Mr. Gerry Reynolds of the Memphis Hardwood Foundation. It was his vision to present sound forestry by letting people observe good management and healthy forests that made the program a reality.

The old Woods Walk – Woods Talk program was presented at the Annual Meeting of Society of Wood and Science Technology, June 24-28, 2001, Baltimore Md. It was an invited talk. Below are excerpts from that presentation.