The Amesian Standard

The dog under consideration must have and display great bird sense.  He must show perfect work on both coveys and singles.  He must be able to quickly determine between foot and body scent.  He must use his brain, eyes, and nose to the fullest advantage and hunt the likely places on the course.  He must possess speed, range, style, character, courage and stamina – and good manners, always.  He must hunt the birds and not the handler hunt the dog.  No line or path runner is acceptable.  He must be well broken, and the better his manners, the more clearly he proves his sound training.  Should he lose a little in class, as expressed in speed and range, he can make up for this, under fair judgment, in a single piece of superior bird work, or in sustained demonstration of general behavior.  He must be bold, snappy, and spirited.  His range must be to the front or to either side, but never behind.  He must be regularly and habitually pleasing governable and must know when to turn and keep his handler’s course in view, and at all times keep uppermost in his mind the finding and pointing of birds for his handler.